Pork Butt....are you serious



A common misconception is that a Pork Butt  comes from the “Butt” of the pig. Well believe it or not that can’t be further from the truth. The Butt (also often known as a Boston Butt) is actually the top portion of the shoulder. Cuts that are labled simply “Shoulder” or “Picnic Shoulder” come from the lower portion of the Shoulder. Both cuts of meat have excellent marbling which makes them perfect for long slow cooking. They do very well when smoked or braised.

   Although both cuts impart a slightly different taste, they can both be used interchangeably in many recipes. This being said, Pulled pork usually comes from the (Boston) Butt. 

   The actual Butt (rear hind quarters ) of the pig yields your Ham’s....these can be fresh cooked, cured or even smoked.

   There are many different styles and regional variations when it comes to cuts of meat. When in doubt be sure to consult your butcher.