Smoked Chicken

Smoking a whole chicken is fast and easy. I usually do two at a time which gives me more then enough meat for the week which can be used for anything from Chicken sandwiches or chicken pot pie to stir fry.

  Seasoning - I use a BBQ dry rub or a store bought Southwestern Poultry Rub, but you can use whatever you wish like lemon pepper or even just salt and pepper.

  Smoking wood - Depending on your style of cooking you can use either logs, chunks, chips or even pellets. I usually use pecan or apple. You can even use a combination of woods if you wish.

  Whole Chicken - Be sure to remove the neck, gizzards and all those other goodies. Rinse and dry thourghly. I personally also Dry Brine my birds (See Tips below).

  Smoker - If you don’t have a smoker, simply set up your grill for indirect cooking. Using aluminum foil, form a small pan and place your wood chips in the pan. Place the pan over the “Hot” side (flame side) and the meat on the cooler “indirect” side. 

How It’s Done

  Setup and prep your grill for indirect cooking and preheat to 250 F.

  Prep your chicken being sure to remove any “spare parts” that have been placed in the cavity by the butcher and cut away any excess fat around the neck and tail area. 

  Rinse the bird and while it is still damp, generously season it all over. 

  Place the bird on the cooking rack and smoke for about 3 hours or until it reaches an internal temperature of 170 F. 

Once the bird is done allow it to rest for at least 30 minutes, you can then eat it immediately or strip it and save the meat in a resealable plastic bag for use during the week.

Some uses for Smoked Chicken

Stir Fry 

Heat a pan with oil and sauté some of the meat with some garlic. Add an array of vegetables, such as snap peas, broccoli, red bell pepper and fresh ginger. Then add some soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, hoisin sauce a little Worcestershire sauce and you have an excellent stir fry. Served over Chinese noodles or plain white rice and you have a quick and delicious meal.

Chicken Salad

  •  ½ C.   Mayonnaise                             
  • 1 stalk   Celery - Chopped
  • 1 Tbs.    Lemon Juice   
  • ¼ tsp.  Ground Black Pepper 
  • 2 C        Smoked chicken - chopped
  • 4.          Scallions - trimmed and cut (or ¼ c sweet onion - diced)