Buffalo Wings


                                                                                                                       Probably one of the BEST game day dish’s. Spicy, Savory, Messy….but ABSOLUTELY delicious.

What you’ll Need

  1 cup all-purpose flour 

•  1/2 tsp paprika

  1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

  1/2 tsp salt

  1/2 tsp garlic powder

  1 Bottle Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce

  2 Lb. chicken wings

  oil for deep frying

How It’s Done

Rinse and pat dry chicken wings and set aside.

In a mixing bowl add the first 5 ingredients and whisk together till well blended.

One by one place each wing into the bowl and cover with the flour mixture until completely coated. Place the coated wings onto a tray with a cooling rack and refrigerate for    AT LEAST 90 minutes.

Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375 F. Place wings in batches (do not overcrowd) into the fryer until golden brown, about 7 minutes. Remove , place on cooling rack and allow to cool for a couple minutes. Place wings into a large mixing bowl and pour wing sauce over them, tossing them until completely coated.

Serve Immediately...

Serve with a side of celery sticks and a cup of Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing (the dressing helps cut the heat of the spicy sauce).


Although a TRUE Buffalo Hot Wing is breaded, some prefer the unbreaded or “Naked” wings. For this simply omit the breading, deep fry the “naked” wing and coat with the hot sauce afterwards.

Another option, and one that I use very regularly, is to omit the deep frying all together. I simply grill the wings with Lemon-Pepper seasoning till they are done, then toss them in a bowl with the wing sauce until fully coated. Quick, Easy and very very delicious. 

Did You Know

  Although there is some dispute as to where Buffalo Wings originated, it is widely believed they were started at the Anchor Bar in (of course) Buffalo, New York. It all started on October 30, 1964, when owner Teressa Bellissimo was faced with feeding her son and his friends a late snack. Having an excess of chicken wings on hand, she fried up the wings, dipped them in a buttered spicy chile sauce, and served them with celery and blue cheese dressing as a dipping sauce to cut the heat. The wings were an instant hit.

  There is an annual Buffalo Wing Festival held every year in Buffalo, New York. During the festival contests are held, recipes judged and a good time is had by thousands of people. It is during that festival that the National Chicken Wing Eating Contest is held. The winner of the 2011 Championship was:

• Sonya Thomas - From Alexandria, VA.  ate 183 wings in 12 minutes. Yes ladies....eating contests are no longer strictly for men....as Sonya has proven.