Texas Shooters


If you have ever been to a White Castle or a Krystals and had one of their “Sliders” that is pretty much what a Texas Shooter is, only with a Texas twist.                                                                              Sliders are mini hamburgers...on mini buns... for mini appetites. So be sure to make a bunch. They may be small but they are perfect for parties. 

What you Need        

  • Buns - They do make Slider Buns, however they can be difficult to find. You can also use dinner rolls.
  • Ground Beef - I prefer 80/20 for burgers
  • Pepper Jack Cheese - Deli Sliced or grated
  • Pickled Jalapeño Peppers - whole or diced
  • Wax Paper
  • Pizza Cutter

How it’s Done

slider meat.JPG

Place your ground beef between two large pieces of wax paper and roll it out with a rolling pin (or wine bottle if you can’t find your rolling pin). Roll to about ½” thickness.

Remove top sheet of waxed paper and using your pizza cutter (or large knife if your pizza cutter is missing like the rolling pin) cut the meat into squares slightly larger then the diameter of the buns. 

Continue to cook the burger patties the way you normally would.***

Place the cooked patty on your bun / roll and top with the cheese, Jalapeño peppers and any other condiments you may desire. 


Steam Dome.jpg
  • Use a Skillet or Griddle - While I normally do my burgers on the grill I prefer to do my sliders in cast iron skillet or griddle. Because the patties are so thin they tend to dry out faster on a grill. If possible use a "steam dome” (pictured here) over the meat this will help keep the meat moist and cook faster.